The 1638 Team

Tracy Marion
Chief Investment Officer

Tracy A. Marion, J.D., is the Chief Investment Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the Partnership. As part of the Fund’s Investment Committee, Tracy researches and selects the investments entered into by the Fund (along with other members of the Investment Committee). 

Tracy also handles all operational matters pertaining to the overall portfolio and works with the Partnership’s outside legal counsel on compliance issues. Tracy was the co-founder of a successful crypto-focused fund in 2016, which has afforded him the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with institutional-level participants in cryptocurrency and blockchain endeavors around the world.

Tracy began his career as a financial consultant with firms such as Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, and Wells Fargo Securities. During his ten-plus years in the financial services industry, Mr. Marion held multiple securities licenses through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) and advised institutional and high-net-worth family investors.

In addition to managing the compliance, operational, and regulatory affairs for a portfolio manager, Mr. Marion also performed research and analysis of existing and potential investments and built trading models that utilized the results of those efforts. After serving in various client-service, compliance, and operational positions for more than ten years with major Wall Street firms, Mr. Marion attended and graduated from law school.

Richard McDaniel
Chief Technology Officer

Richard McDaniel is the Chief Technology Officer of 1638 Digital.  He is a professional programmer with over 15 years of experience in the field, and has authored security tools studied and used at major universities and institutions across the United States. Richard was an early investor and miner in Bitcoin, and has been actively involved in growing the larger ecosystem since his initial involvement.

Towards that end, he developed two successful Bitcoin exchanges and continues to mine several coins. Richard will manage 1638’s IT and will help the Managing Partner evaluate new prospects through direct analysis of source code.

Philip Kovacs
VP, Business Development

Philip Kovacs has a Ph.D. in Social Foundations from Georgia State University. When he was a tenured, university professor, his research focused on the forces and mechanisms that prevent thick democracy from emerging and existing inside of the USA, with a focus on K12 “public” education. Philip left his university position for the private sector after spending more than a decade researching and writing on education, decentralization and democratization.

Both decentralization and democratization would remain research interests for Philip, eventually leading him to blockchain technology, which he believes has the potential to accelerate thick democracy through distributed trust and the replacement of banks and nation-states as arbiters of wealth distribution and “peace.” Philip is a successful entrepreneur and is currently CEO at Tango Tango, a communications company located in Huntsville, Alabama. As VP of Business Development at 1638, Philip focuses his time on growing the business and team.

Greg Gum
Managing Partner

Greg has a successful history of investing in early and mid-stage startups, including a major endeavor with Charleston Laboratories. Greg was intimately involved in securing investor capital ultimately resulting in a successful submission to the FDA. Rights to Charleston Labs’ initial drug were subsequently acquired in a transaction with Daiichi Sankyo, a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Japan.

Since 2014, he has participated in the Digital Asset and Blockchain ecosystem as an investor in cryptocurrencies as well as privately-held companies in the cryptoasset and blockchain industries. Greg was a founding partner along with Tracy Marion in a previous cryptocurrency investment fund. The Managing Partner believes that Greg’s diverse and successful experiences will serve him well in advancing the success of the Fund.

Scott Faulkner, J.D., CPA
General Partner

Scott has over ten years of experience advising investors and companies in legal, tax and accounting matters.  Scott represents a wide range of clients including start ups, fintech companies, funds, and development companies. 

Scott received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University where he was a member of the baseball team, his law degree from the University of Alabama School of Law where he finished first in his class, an LLM from New York University School of Law where he served on the Tax Law Review, and an M.Acc. from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.  Scott practices both as an attorney and CPA.  


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